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Primeline's History

Established in the Philippines in 1990 by Mr. Steve Payne – Primeline is now the largest in-store demonstration and consignment business in the Philippines with over 450 outlets. 2009 total turnover exceeded P850m (maintaining a yearly sales increase of 24%).

The company sell a range of products such as ‘IN2IT’ cosmetics, ‘Case Logic’ luggage, ‘Mr. Clean’ cleaning products & ‘JML’ (hardware, houseware and healthcare) products – many of these brands are exclusive to SM Dept. Stores.

‘IN2IT’ cosmetics I created and set up in 2000 and now operates within 4 countries including Watson’s Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Phil’s with over 900 outlets.

Primeline office & warehouse occupy at area of 10,000sqm and are located in Pasig City. Primeline operate logistics (a fleet of 12 delivery trucks) and importation in-house and currently employ approx. 1,000 staff.

The retail business within the Philippines is run on a consignment basis. Primeline is 100% debt free.